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We are open! We've expanded our ordering options to make it easy and safe during these tough times. Check those options below.
MŌ MŌ CHÁ Plano is a Coffee and Tea House located off Alma Dr. that serves
an assortment of boba milk tea, fruit tea, slushes, smoothies, coffee and food.

We're just a Small City Boba shop with Big City dreams. Come stop by!

We will be closing temporarily for renovations. I apologize to any guests for the inconvenience, as I know it's happened a lot recently. We will offer delivery service soon and will update you when we are available! ...

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You may have seen the news. It's all true. Any shipments from Taiwan are very delayed. Luckily, we try and keep a store of 2 weeks extra boba. Unfortunately, it's been about two weeks since we have received any boba. We look to be good for at least another week, so we aren't out yet. Please bear with us if we run out before our next shipment. ...

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Sorry, but we have had a major setback. No other team members have had contact with the employee that was exposed to COVID. They made contact after work. Unfortunately, they are a critical part of our daily activity and we cannot stay open without them. I will work my best to see how we can fill the spot until they are tested and/or fully recover if they have covid.

Hopefully we will see you soon.

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Starting Monday, we are extending our hours to 7 days a week again! (Hopefully for good!)

IMPORTANT: please respect our wish to continue our full mask policy. We have had too many people come in and give us a hard time. This past year has been terribly difficult for us as we try to just break even. The added pressure from people belittling us is not helpful.

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Yeah, I was supposed to announce this I think....

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Until it is safe enough to drive out (for non-subbie drivers 😏), we will remain closed. Sorry for any inconvenience. Hope to be back soon! Will keep everyone updated. ...

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For everyone's safety, I've decided we shall stay closed today. Stay home and stay safe guys. We will monitor weather conditions for next week and may have closures, as well. ...

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We will have pink cream foam today and tomorrow only! Happy Valentine's Day weekend!

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6900 Alma Dr #220

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